Tyger Waterfront Owners’ Sub-Association

Tyger Waterfront Owners’ Sub-Association (TWOSA) is the legal entity which manages the Tyger Waterfront precinct, situated below the Tyger Valley Centre. This beautiful precinct consists of 12 individual Bodies Corporate on the southern side of the lake. The different Bodies Corporate each have their own  Trustees who manage and govern their building.

Some buildings have residential units only, others have commercial units and a few have mixed use units (i.e. both residential and commercial).  The Tyger Waterfront is thus a truly integrated precinct allowing for people to live and work in the same vicinity.

TWOSA is tasked with ensuring service delivery to its constituting Bodies Corporate and maintaining the access roads and public open spaces within the precinct. The area’s main features, the lake and waterfall, are also preserved and managed by the TWOSA.

A Board of Trustees, elected by the members of TWOSA, makes up the management team. The Trustees work closely together with the managing agent, De Tijger Sectional Title Property Management, to ensure the area is well-maintained and that appropriate communication takes place between owners, tenants and the Trustees.

The Trustees aim to make the Tyger Waterfront a desired destination for business and property investors.  Therefore their focus is on creating a secure and safe environment with cutting edge communication infrastructure.